About Us

Founded and incorporated in Kansas in 1995 by Omololu Oyeleye, Omololu International (the "Company”) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of all-natural Grade A African Shea Butter and the original African Black Soap personal care products. Based in Memphis, Tennessee and with over 15 years of global experience, the Company established itself by selling directly to consumers and small retailers at local and national festivals, hair & beauty tradeshows and through wholesaling its products to small business owners (barbers, beauticians, gift shops, etc.) in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Memphis and Milwaukee.

In the early years we found that in many situations we were the first to approach and educate our consumers and/or retailers on the benefits of Shea Butter and Black Soap. Since then our customers have come to appreciate our high standards for providing a quality product. This has become even more evident as the Company has expanded its reach to Canada and the Caribbean.

Mr. Oyeleye, the Company’s CEO, has guided it from a fledgling two-product, “traveling salesman” company to a mature sixteen-product company by working through distributors and small retailers. The CEO, who holds a Masters Degree from the University of Kansas and has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial  experience, is the Company’s visionary and guiding force--establishing direction, setting goals and objectives, and monitoring the emerging environment for short- and long-term business opportunities. Mr. Oyeleye also serves as the Company’s chief technical compliance and quality control manager, personally overseeing the acquisition and inspection of the company’s raw materials from purchase to delivery of finished goods.

Omololu International
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