About Shea Butter

Interview with Mr. Omololu

Is 100% Shea Butter Safe?

We get our Shea Butter directly from Nigeria and Ghana. The Shea Butter may or may not go through a purification process in Africa before it comes to us in the states. When it gets to our facility we guarantee safety for customers by melting the Shea Butter down and taking away bacteria and any other impurities.

We do that by using a one-micron filtration system to filter all the debris. At the end of the day, after the filtration is done, every drop that goes into our jars is very pure guaranteed 100% Shea Butter.

This way the Shea Butter works faster because it does not contain particles that don’t belong. It’s organic and helps heal the skin faster.

In our 15 years of business we have provided our customers with the best and safe premium shea butter.

We also package Shea Butter in 50 pound corrugated boxes and in 20 kilo plastic jars. We use plastics because they are very safe and air tight to prevent contamination. Every step in our process is to secure the safety of our customers.

How do you make your 100% Shea Butter products?

Shea Butter grows from the Shea tree in the Savanna grasslands region across West Africa. Trees are not cultivated; they grow wild - dispersed by wind, bugs, and erosion. They are harvested once a year because they are perennial trees. Fruit falls from the trees and local women gather the fruits, dry them, crush them and take the nuts out of them. The nuts are dried and roasted before they are crushed and the butter is removed for export.

When the Shea Butter arrives at our facility, we first melt them down using a 75 gallon or a 400 gallon stainless steel tank. The Shea Butter is actually melted with hot water. The hot water heats the stainless steel tank, and the Shea Butter melts.
Next the Shea Butter is pumped from the tanks and moved through our one-micron filtration system to remove any impurities. After filtration is done, compressors push the liquid from the filling machine into 4oz or 16 oz containers that move along a conveyor belt. Also for some that need fragrances we use the best blend of fragrances that can be used in natural products.
For our lotion and hair and scalp conditioners that are made from our Shea Butter, we make sure that we use high percentage premium Shea Butter for better quality.
Why should I use Shea Butter products?

Shea Butter is probably the most important house-hold product. For day to day use from your head to your feet, Shea Butter does wonders for the skin. It replenishes all lost moisture, and brings natural beauty back to life. It helps to remove dark spots, blemishes, and dry skin. It also helps with pain, swelling, and arthritis. It’s been used in Africa for various treatments for hundreds of years. Shea Butter is also widely and commonly used in the cosmetics and food industry such as chocolate and for other food additives. Shea Butter has been a friend to humanity for hundreds of years.

It’s not surprising that it is becoming a mainstream item in America. Fifteen years ago many wondered if it would survive the competition. I am very happy that our efforts to make Shea Butter a common phenomenon in the cosmetics industry has come to be. Omololu International has been relentless in promoting the values of Shea Butter in our human existence. I’m very proud to be a part of it.

What is Black Soap?

African Black Soap is called "Ose dudu, "Alata” or “Anago” in West Africa. It is an important part of purification rituals and rites of passage there. Black Soap is an ancient product that is used and treasured in homes throughout Africa. Traditional Black Soap provides an economic base for African women in Ghana, Nigeria, and other regions of Africa. As the exact recipe vanes from region to region, so does the color and consistency of the soap. African Black Soap has a mild, clean, natural smell. Black soap is very moisturizing, has a rich and creamy lather, yet it is not oily. With proper care, your soap will last and last.

Our Omololu International’s authentic all natural 100% African black soap is made in Nigeria from pure virgin oils following both fair trade and organic guidelines. The ingredients of our African black soap are virgin palm kernel oil, unrefined shea butter, purified water and lye produced from the ashes of banana, cocoa, pawpaw (papaya). There are no chemicals, preservatives, color enhancers, or fragrances added. It only takes a small amount to produce mounds of rich creamy lather - a little goes a long way! Omololu International’s all-natural African Black Soap is available in both solid and liquid forms. The liquid form can also be used as a hair shampoo/scalp cleanser.

The all-natural African black soap is known to aid in smoothing of the skin. It has been used for centuries in African to help speed the healing or relief of various skin irritation and problems like rashes, acne, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, razor bumps, ringworm and other skin conditions.